Sunday, December 23, 2007

After 4 Years...

I never thought I'd be back in Orange County after 4 years. Grabe, 4 years na pala yun. And I'm quite surprised with how much that has changed. For one, uncle changed houses twice in four years before I got to stay in this nice room. My cousins are big now. Derek, the kid I used to babysit is now 8 years old and talks to me about DVD movies like he's a movie critic. Mae is all grown up, being in college and all. I'm even meeting her boyfriend of 3 years of on and off on Friday. My aunt and uncle - Ate Ning and Tito Dennis have grown old a bit but Tito's cooking is still fantastic!

Haaaaay...I used to stay with them almost every month for almost a year. All those trips to LA and Orange County made me feel nostalgic awhile ago when my cousin drove me to the mall so I can get her her Christmas present. This was my home away from home back in the days. I never realized how I missed Orange County until I saw it again today.

And yes. The last time I was here, I was young and stupid and got my heart broken. I guess I'm just so thankful to God that this time around I won't have to worry about that. :)

It's my first Christmas in the US. I'm ready. Got all my gifts in tow. Bought my red Christmas dress today. I'm all cheery and happy with the idea that I'm having my first holiday season with my Orange County family. My first Christmas with Mark and his family. And something's telling me this will be one I won't forget in a long, long time. And I do hope and pray this won't be our last. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pasko sa US

Unang Pasko ko rito sa Tate. Medyo excited na ako. Lagi akong umuuwi pag Pasko pero ngayong taon, susubukan ko naman na dito mag-Pasko. Hindi ko naman mami-miss ang chibog dahil puro Pinoy food din naman halos ang ihahanda ng mga kamag-anak ni Mark sa bahay nila. Pero iba pa rin.

It's the first time I won't be with my Mom. The first time I won't go to a midnight mass. The first time na hindi ako magte-text brigade during eve and Christmas day.

Wala rin namang mga Christmas songs sa radio. At least hindi ganon kadalas patugtugin pag nasa Pinas.

Wala rin ang friends Christmas exchange gift dinners. Gash! Nami-miss ko na, wala pa man lang.

Kakaiba. Pero it's worth a try. Tradeoff talaga. I get to meet Mark's clan so it'll be a good one. I'm sure.

US Pasko na!!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Tinatamad na ako. Gusto ko na mag-pasko at magbakasyon. Ba't ba kasi kelangan ko magtrabaho? Haaay. I swear. Kung totoo ang reincarnation, sa susunod na lifetime, artista na ako. Sa Hollywood. May own perfume named after me. May clothing line. May barbie doll na kamukha ko. At may Oscar award.

Hahahaha. Sarap mangarap!!!

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