Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Baket walang laman ang blog ko for the past 2 weeks? Maraming dahilan.

A. Sinumpong ng katam
B. Busy sa work
C. Selective amnesia button is on
D. Busy sa ‘extra-curricular activities’
E. Na-taho ang utak at walang maisip na isulat
F. Nagkasakit
G. Busy saving the world

They say shit happens. But in my world, it has been raining shit for a long time (langya, ang sagwa non a). They say when it rains, it pours. But to me, it felt like it's been raining for 40 days and 40 nights (yun lang wala akong boat na tulad nung kay Noah with all the animals to entertain me). Ewan ko ba. Meron yatang panahon talaga ng tag-ulan. At hindi sya tumitila kahit lunud na lunod ka na.

Just yesterday, while eating her Kimchi lunch, a very dear friend consoled me by saying that those close to God are given more trials to strengthen their faith. In my desperation and exasperation, I said ‘Puwede bang lumayo muna ako ng slight?’ I was actually half serious and near to tears. The only two valid reasons which are stopping my ‘krayola episode’ are I’m in a public place and I have just put on some makeup. :)

Once someone told me that I’ve been living up to my name. He said ‘Aileen’ didn't mean lightbearer for no reason. Siguro nga. We just have to live up to something and hold on to Someone and never tire of doing what we have to do.

Akala ko talaga hindi ko na babalikan ito…but miracles do happen. I am back! And fabulous! :)

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