Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Groom

So here's Mark. With a new haircut and a 'GROOM' sticker on his grey shirt. Naaliw talaga ako sa pic na 'to. I took this after we got home from the bridal fair we went to - not knowing na wala naman palang added value sa wedding planning namin. Malay ba naming puro photographers, cakes and wedding planner booths ang nandun. Well, meron namang invitation booths which we were more interested in, pero 3 lang??! Oh well, nakakita naman kami ng bridal fashion show by David's Bridal na di rin namin type pero ok na rin. For the experience, sulit na ang $10 namin. At least I got to see Mark with a GROOM sticker on his shirt. I had my BRIDE sticker too but I forgot to take a picture before I removed it from my jacket.

So ayun. Tuloy ang wedding planning. We're slowly getting checks in the list! :)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Almost Hitched

After buying tons of bridal magazines, getting Mark's (dream) chapel and the most convenient venue to the chapel booked, it kinda hit me that, this is it! We have to go through the long checklist of what to do and when to get it done to get married. I never really got my hands dirty on my sister's wedding 2 years ago so aside from getting my dress and showing up in the wedding, that's just about my contribution. I know. I was a lame maid of honor back then so I'm trying to pay for it now - by being the bride.

I'm lucky that Mark has an idea of how he wants it. Simple. Small. Intimate. And even luckier that I realized after he described the whole thing that I love the whole idea. You see, I never really pictured in my head how my wedding will be. All I know is when that day comes, I want to have a smashing classy dress and have my lifetime companion and friend in tow. :) Of course, the selected very important people that really matter in our lives have to be there. Which brings us to finalizing the guest list. Pffft. And it is by far, the hardest thing to do - to come up with the guest list. As much as I wanted to have everyone there, we needed to make the list short just because we want it to be small, sweet and intimate. It's not a party. Nor a batch reunion. It's a friends and family affair with people we've been in touch from the time we were kids until now that we're stubborn adults. So people we've told so far should really feel important because we haven't told a lot yet. I guess, it boiled down to telling those we think should know 9-10 months before. :)

So there. We're getting hitched. And I'm fitting Vera Wang gowns tomorrow - just to fit, not really to buy. Hahaha! If I won't think of how long the checklist is, yes, I am excited. Mark is actually more excited. :)

So when is it? Well, it's going to be soon. :) And it's going to be wonderful. :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Monique, Carolina and Jenny

So I went to Monique's shop last Saturday which happens to be 10 minutes from my house. Haaaaaay...Ganon pala ang feeling ng $4-6k gowns.

Ok. So sa Pinas na ako bibili. Pero at least nakasuot ako ng Monique gown, and a Carolina Herrera and a Jenny Lee!

Ok na. Ok na ako. Pwede na ako magpakasal! Wuhooo!!!

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