Friday, March 06, 2009

Blog Revamp

Crap! Kelangan ko na baguhin ang blog ko. Panis na 'tong Orange. If only I have the time to revamp this.

I will find time. I will! Kelangan!!!

Kelan kaya?

Ducks In A Row

People ask how are we now as a married couple. And we always say 'Wala lang!' E kasi wala lang naman talaga. Wala namang masyadong changes except for the fact I live with him now and I get to see him first thing in the morning and the last one I see at night.

We were lying on the bed one late night and I was 5 minutes from falling asleep when Mark asked 'So kasal na talaga tayo noh?' Hahaha. Nakakaloka. It was 2 weeks after the ceremony and he still can't believe it. Kasi naman parang wala lang talaga. It's like we just attended a mass and threw a moderately expensive party at ayun! Kasal na pala kami.

Oo nga. Wala namang drastic changes. I guess from day 1 when we decided to be a couple, it was almost effortless and easy. Our transition from being engaged to finally being married was no different. They say sasakit ulo mo pag nag-asawa ka na. Pero so far, ok naman. Kahit yung mga maliliit na bagay na dapat siguro naiinis na ako ngayon dahil part ng adjustment, hindi naman nagiging issue. Hindi issue ang baliktad na pag-roll ng tissue, ang hindi nya pag-up ng toilet seat after he's done, ang pag pindot ng toothpaste in the middle instead of starting at the tip end. I guess I see more of his doing the laundry and getting the vacuum cleaner do it's work without me asking. And my seeing that makes me ignore the other small things. I guess it's the whole white bond paper with small black ink spots. I just prefer to see the bigger white spaces instead of the spots.

Sure there are bigger things ahead. Crazy decisions to make like buy a house this year, decide when to finally have a kid or two by next year maybe, who's plowing the snow, what investments to make.

But for now, we're settled with our charming condo with it's utter lack of furnitures in the land of Snow White called Richfield Minnesota. We're happy with our new ride Viola (she's a blackberry pearl Honda Sport Fit) at happy na kami na graduate na kami sa dagul Pathfinder that my ever-so-nice company lent to us while we can't take the bus during the highs (or maybe lows) of winter. At parang ok na kami sa mga simpleng weekend gimik namin to Costco, Super Target, HOM, Slumberland at IKEA.

We'll be up for the big things in time. Pero sa ngayon...isa-isa lang muna. We're making this our year to get all the ducks in our row. Mighty ducks!!! Adventure!!! HA!

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